More Anatolian Yastiks

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More Anatolian Yastiks


ABOVE: This rare and early (18c) Anatolian Minder was originally made as a matching pair for an Ottoman palace. Its duplicate is in the renowned Turkish and Islamic Art Mueseum (TIEM) in Istanbul. The design of large blossoms with bold serrated leaves was popular in the opulent sil kaftans worn at the 17th and 18th centiry Ottoman court. The matching example of this piece, now in the TIEM, was discovered in a mopsque in Sivrihisar.

ABOVE: YASTIK, Central Anatolia, Kapadokia region, 18th century. Lustrous wool and brilliant natural dyes.


ABOVE:  Highly unusual complete yastik with original bak, made in the Sivas/Sarkishla region on East Central Anatiolia, late 19th century. Entirely woven with offset knots which allow the sngles and overall hook patter to be smoothly and masterfully executred. A rare technique anoe sought after by collectors.Thick, sumptuous wool pile.


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ABOVE:  Very unusual yastik with three dramatic star medallions. The border is seen in Aksaray yastiks, the wihite ground color is rare. Thick, plush pile.



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