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Turkish Flatweaves: The Collection of Dennis Dodds and Zinaida Vaganova

BELOW: This finely woven, supple kilim in a nearly square format was purchased in Konya in 1973 and dates to c 1800-50. The eye-dazzler style derives from interlocking 'fingers' rendered in a variety of harmonious colors, including orange, red, aubergine purple, yellow, indigo and dark brown. The small white ornaments are brocaded in cotton. Published, World of Carpets & Textiles, p. 259.

BELOW: Central Anatolia, jijim, Obruk or Sivrihissar region, 4.6 x 5.3 feet, c. 1850-75. This is a rare prayer design of finely brocaded ascending arches capped by a single pointed mihrab arch in the architectural form of a Seljuk turbe.

BELOW: Central Anatolia, jijim, Konya-Obruk region, 141 x 158 cm, mid-19th century, or earlier. The rare yellow field is covered with a diverse range of brocaded geometric motifs interspersed between a series of stepped, ascending arches. There are small motifs in white cotton to provide contrast and enliven the palette. Published: Turkish Flat Weaves, Ziemba, Akatay & Schwartz, p. 78, plate 31, and Oriental Rugs from Atlantic Collections, p 53.

BELOW: Long rug, Central Anatolia, Karaman, circa late 17c, 122 x 279 cm; 48 x 110 inches.


Central Anatolia, jijim, 19th century, 4 x 5 feet. A very good example of this known type.  SOLD

BELOW: Kurdish Kilim, Eastern Anatolia, Sivas region, last quarter 19th century; 127 x 310 cm. Purchased in Sivas from a Kurdish man in 1973. Published: Ziemba, et al, op cit, p.125, plate 78.