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Textile Gallery

CHINA, brocaded silk and metal velvet, Qing Dynasty, 1662-1796
144 inches x 96 inches; 366 x 274 icm.

This large panel is composed of six smaller secttions of equall loom-wodth ans stiched together to form what was likely a very large "Summer" carpet for one of the Palace rooms, or the house of a high-ranking official of the Imperial Court. At some point the upper portion ws removed.

There are examples of single loom-width sections in world museums, including the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

China and England, an elaboratly emroidered silk cover on an English bedcover.
Kang Xi, 1662-1722.

Similar examples are in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London and the St. Louis Museum of Art, St. Louis, MO, USA.


Detail of center medallion.


JAPAN, silk Michiyuki coat, Taisho Period, 1912-26.


Detail of coat.


BELOW: Rare textile shrine panel made from early fragments, floss silk with painted areas. From Himalayan region possibly Tibet or Ladakh, 25 x 32 inches overall (62 x 81 cms); the fragments circa 11th century on a 19c cotton ground.



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SICILY, silk embroidered end panel from a linen towel, 16th century.

Classical themes. Other similar examples are in the Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Milan, Italy.


This is a 2-panel section of a silk brocaded velvet carpet, Kang Xi, 1662-1722, in the Art Institute of Chicago.




BELOW: FRANCE, Napioleon I, circa 1800-20. Paanel from a State Bed, all-over floss silk with delicate shading of Classical acanthus leaves with trophy elements in the border. The top intentionally left without a border which would be covered by a valance. 4.9 x 9.4 feet ( 145 x 285 cm).